Posted by i3DiSPLAY on 31 Dec 2019
Omni-Channel for Media Content and Retail Outlets. 
Synchronize all branches and shops across the world.
Control Multi Devices & Campaigns From One Location
i3Display helps support an omni-channel approach that provides the customer with an integrated customer experience. Through integrations within i3Display Cloud Services you can provide a consistent, streamlined and unified brand experience.
More Than Just Advertising
Our intelligent digital solutions integrate analytics, creative software with business applications to deliver engaging data-driven experiences and to achieve desired business goals. i3Display is stylish and has incredible functionality.

Beyond Slide Shows
i3Display goes beyond simple full HD pages displayed as a slide. Interactive design elements may be assigned to multiple areas on a page. You define what populates each spot on a page, and its interactive element. Full storyboard and exciting showcase can thus be created with ease!
Time to Market
i3Display Cloud-connected platform allows you to create media content regarding your company’s products and services in a digital format without any need of programming skills. With its interactive touch functions, potential customers are able to scroll through and navigate your digital catalogue with comfort.No more waiting!
One Platform to Manage ALL Your Display Signage and Kiosk.
Make Them Intelligent and Go Beyond Signage!
Secured Cloud Server • Control Multi-Devices From Any Location
All content is stored in our secured cloud servers and it’s available from any location with Internet connectivity.
Construct your content anywhere in the world with flexible scheduling and broadcasting timing function.
i3Display Content Management System
i3Display software platform is built on a secured Cloud server. i3Display CMS creates an eco-system to manage different types of display panel, synchronize them onto the same platform, whereby each of these displays can be managed and monitored remotely. It is the only software you ever need to build any story board or any content flow without the need to do programming.
No coding is required. It covers from content management right up to display monitoring and page analytics.
i3Display Cloud Service comes with host of services to make the task to manage display panel simple and easy.
  • No need to invest in hardware, as it is cloud services
  • No need Technical staff, as we provide 24x7 cloud maintenance & support
  • FREE use of any i3Display ready Plugins software, no more additional cost
  • Ready for integration with other platform

  • Continuous i3Display Software updates
  • No need to engage Programming or Outsource, as in house
  • Restoring & Backup in each CMS account as standard
  • Server Backup is done daily
In some businesses, it may be desirable to have different types of signage running within the same location. For example, in restaurants, wall mounted displays may be used for advertising and promotion, whereas floor standing displays may be deployed as Kiosks for ordering or queue management. i3Display is able to manage multiple content configurations by defining separate Channels for each type of display. This can even be extended to multiple locations such as chain stores.
Advantages of i3Display Digital Panels
High Volume
Reaching out to millions of viewers daily.
Interactive Touch Screen Display
Fast and incredibly smooth touch sensor,everything will feel more responsive.
Ultra High Frequency & Creativity
Great fun and excitement exposure in a day,far more powerful than most PC laptops.
Reduce Production Costs
No longer needs to incur production costfor materials printing.
Eye Level
The best angles to be seen, pixel-perfect precision.
Ton?s? of Capability
Sleek design, lightweight and portable.
Rental Services
  • We offer Rental Services for Promotional Event, Trade Fair, Exhibition and Wedding Dinner
  • Range of Display Panel to choose from
  • The price can be as low as RM200 per day
  • Optional Services are 
    • Delivery & Collection after events
    • i3Display Content Management Cloud Services
    • Content Uploads
    • Technical Support & Installation (Free)
    • Replacement Unit during Rental Period
Rental of Display Panel Benefits 
  • No Capital Expense & Amortisation
  • Replacement Unit when fault happening
  • Technical & Support on site
  • No need to have in house Technical Team for Content Management Servers
  • Can always have the latest display panel 

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To the Rescue
From small touchscreen displays, kiosks and to massive video walls,  i3Display broad hardware offering means the right solution for each project environment.
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