Posted by i3DiSPLAY on 29 Jan 2020
Enable any business to use immediately, without any need for programming or development.
A simple turnkey solution.
As the cost of human resources increases, today’s businesses are actively looking for solutions to increase sales without a corresponding increase in labour costs. i3DiSPLAY continues to launch many new functions and plugins to help you automate your business and achieve your desired goals, immediately!
Kiosk Hardware
Different type of kiosk configurations for different businesses. Design one that suits your needs, and incorporates your shop’s theme, or your corporate identity. There are also standard models which you can order immediately. Custom designs are also available, from a simple reskin to a customized enclosure built to your specifications (which will occur additional costs).
Peripheral Kiosk Devices
Depending on the purpose and requirements, various devices can be incorporated into with the kiosk, including but not limited to:
  • Credit Card Terminal
  • QR Code & Barcode Scanners
  • Thermal Printers
  • Cash Deposit & Dispensers
  • NFC Reader
  • Proximity Camera
Many of these peripheral devices may be added to standard kiosks. However, depending on the device, additional inputs may be required. With some of the larger peripherals (such as printers and scanners), cabinets may need to be re-designed and built, which will incur additional costs.
Software Components
Specialized plugins for i3DiSPLAY Premium and Satellite subscribers.

Self-Ordering System (SOS) and Self-Checkout (SCO) are software plugins that do not require any additional hardware. Additional software components may be custom-engineered and incorporated to meet your requirements, but at additional programming cost.

Special Features of i3DiSPLAY Kiosk Plugins

Deep Integration with Signage
Single-purpose Kiosks are outdated. Screens sizes are now large enough to be split into separate sections with no reduction in viewing clarity. The primary function (e.g. mall directory) may remain on screen in its own section, supplemented by additional sections displaying any number of additional content, such as paid advertising which will potentially create a revenue stream.

This can all be done without extra costs, as the function is built-in to i3DiSPLAY’s services. In addition to this, a proximity sensor may be installed so that when the Kiosk is idle, advertising content takes over the entire screen.

For restaurant to enable the Self Ordering System Kiosk, it is easy to digitize the menu for on-screen display.
For example, the top part of the screen can play a video showing how a particular dish is prepared, or any current promotions. When a user clicks on the video, it automatically goes to the relevant ordering page. The user then continues to browse the menu to add additional items to their order.
Multi Configurable Process
Many businesses have unique process flows catering to their needs. All i3DiSPLAY plugins are futher configurable by the user in the Settings page, so that the Kiosk may be adapted to your specific requirements. You can even allow different actions to be intertwined to run concurrently if your business so requires.
Multi Channels
In some businesses, it may be desirable to have different types of signage running within the same location. For example, in restaurants, wall mounted displays may be used for advertising and promotion, whereas floor standing displays may be deployed as Kiosks for ordering or queue management.

i3DiSPLAY is able to manage multiple content configurations by defining separate Channels for each type of display. This can even be extended to multiple locations such as chain stores.


The days whereby one has to seek programmers to develop various Kiosk solutions are over.
Not only one you implement i3DiSPLAY Kiosk Plugins instantly, but you can do it without paying exorbitant prices for development and/or maintenance!
Don’t delay! Call us NOW at +603-7886 2423 or email sales@m3tech.com.my for a no-obligation demonstration!