Posted by i3DiSPLAY on 3 Dec 2019
Digital Showrooms aren’t in the future. They are NOW!
In recent years, traditional showrooms have begun to evolve from physical to digital, and even to virtual. New technologies like virtual reality (“VR”) are being adopted by many brands to bring a unique and memorable customer experience. It’s time to bring modern sophistication to your showroom and enhance your brand, and it costs less than you think!
Getting Started with a Digital Showroom
Firstly, it’s important to understand the value and purpose of having digital showrooms. Do you want to involve your customers more? Reduce the cost of samples? Speed up sales? Reduce manpower? Automate business processes? With the objectives identified, the path to implementation is clear and easy!

With the correct hardware, you will also need the correct software to power it.

i3Display is the cloud service solution you need, with the ability to create and manage your digital showrooms! Being a highly functional platform, i3Display is able to handle the majority of digital signage needs. You can even manage multiple displays with different content! If special functions are required, i3Display has a comprehensive range of plug-in modules to suit your requirements!
Proximity Awareness
Retail customer service begins with how you greet a customer. When
i3Display devices are placed in the showroom, the Proximity Awareness Plug-in will sense the customer, and play what you wish for their viewing.
For example, when a customer walks into a showroom and approaches the i3Display device which is displaying promotional content, it can instantly switch to a video greeting message! 
Product Information
How often have you walked into a store or showroom, seen a product that you’re interested in, but are unable to find anyone to assist you? Even the simplest questions, such as stock availability, will remain unanswered, and you walk away without making a purchase. Even if there are staff members around, often their knowledge is insufficient to answer your questions, or even worse, inaccurate.
i3Display, customers can now enter the digital showroom and view the product through the display panel. They can then personalize their products in real time, without the need for physical samples! The information they see could be as simple as available sizes or color options, all the way to interactive content and/or instructional or advertising videos.
Whether using barcodes, QR codes, NFC labels or RFID, customers are able to instantly search for and bring up product information and pictures, as well as related products. The introduction of digital displays into the showroom enables them to experience a smoother and more accurate buying experience.
Depending on the type of information to be shown on the i3Display device, you could set them up as Product Information Kiosks, Price Check Kiosks, or simply display additional promotional material to encourage and close the sale.
eBrochures & Digital Form
Environmental friendliness is a major concern to society. Save the Earth by using eBrochures instead of printed ones! By simply scanning a QR code from the
i3Display device, the customer can leave their email address and instantly receive an electronic brochure on their phone. Viola! Not only do you know what product your customer is interested in, but you have also captured their email address so that you can follow up on the sale! 
So are Digital Showrooms worth it?
A smoother interactive experience for customers, whilst reducing operational costs for business owners at the same time. It’s not the future, it is now!
Digital showrooms are more efficient and more effective. Technology can be used to expedite sales and service transaction processes, which works via cloud-based product information and a system that can process all the transactions. Data collected will in turn be used to enhance the consumer experience.
Digitalization is a massive topic across many industries and the rise of the omni-channel just makes it grow faster. As retailers begin to adopt digital signage and create apps to enhance their showroom, brands who want to stay relevant must do the same for their buyers – meaning the digital showroom is a necessity!
Let i3Display be your driving force!
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