Posted by i3DiSPLAY on 20 Nov 2020
Let your visitors feel welcome in your premises.

Create an impact through self-service digital access system and make your visitor impressive. It makes them feel safe and important. It also helps your company to go green and reduce paper use.

Model T5A
Fever Detection with Display Signage
  • Collect visitor's temperature data and contact details.
  • Play advertising videos or any interactive content and instructional.
  • Highlight onsite promotions, product showcase and presentation.
  • Accurate and contact-less temperature measuring.
  • Fever detection warning with audio alarm.
  • Rental is available with affordable rate.
Model T4A
Fever Detection with Visitor Management and Attendance System
  • AI Facial recognition for welcoming your guest, or for Attendance system.
  • Collect visitor's picture, temperature data and contact details.
  • Able to link the visitor to staff for contact tracing.
  • Accurate and contact-less temperature measuring.
  • Fever detection warning with audio alarm.
Why need visitor management system over manual logbooks?
  • Visitor Management system can help to establish automated data collection in a seamless and fast way.
  • The visitor don't need to write down their name and phone number in a physical logbook with a shared pen anymore.
  • It also allows you to search by name or phone number, sort, analyze, and retrieve visitor's data at any given time.
  • By using face recognition, you can capture photographs of your visitors and do a pre-registration, so they don't need to key in their details every time they come to your premises.
  • You can keep a track of how many times a visitor come to your premise and who they meet.
It's about time you replaced the dull paper logbook and manual processes with i3Display a highly configurable self-serviced cloud-based solution.

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