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Enable any business to use immediately, without any need for programming or development.
A simple turnkey solution.
As the cost of human resources increases, today’s businesses are actively looking for solutions to increase sales without a corresponding increase in labour costs. i3DiSPLAY continues to launch many new functions and plugins to help you automate your business and achieve your desired goals, immediately!
Kiosk Hardware
Different type of kiosk configurations for different businesses. Design one that suits your needs, and incorporates your shop’s theme, or your corporate identity. There are also standard models which you can order immediately. Custom designs are also available, from a simple reskin to a customized enclosure built to your specifications (which will occur additional costs).
Peripheral Kiosk Devices
Depending on the purpose and requirements, various devices can be incorporated into with the kiosk, including but not limited to:
  • Credit Card Terminal
  • QR Code & Barcode Scanners
  • Thermal Printers
  • Cash Deposit & Dispensers
  • NFC Reader
  • Proximity Camera
Many of these peripheral devices may be added to standard kiosks. However, depending on the device, additional inputs may be required. With some of the larger peripherals (such as printers and scanners), cabinets may need to be re-designed and built, which will incur additional costs.
Software Components
Specialized plugins for i3DiSPLAY Premium and Satellite subscribers.

Self-Ordering System (SOS) and Self-Checkout (SCO) are software plugins that do not require any additional hardware. Additional software components may be custom-engineered and incorporated to meet your requirements, but at additional programming cost.

Special Features of i3DiSPLAY Kiosk Plugins

Deep Integration with Signage
Single-purpose Kiosks are outdated. Screens sizes are now large enough to be split into separate sections with no reduction in viewing clarity. The primary function (e.g. mall directory) may remain on screen in its own section, supplemented by additional sections displaying any number of additional content, such as paid advertising which will potentially create a revenue stream.

This can all be done without extra costs, as the function is built-in to i3DiSPLAY’s services. In addition to this, a proximity sensor may be installed so that when the Kiosk is idle, advertising content takes over the entire screen.

For restaurant to enable the Self Ordering System Kiosk, it is easy to digitize the menu for on-screen display.
For example, the top part of the screen can play a video showing how a particular dish is prepared, or any current promotions. When a user clicks on the video, it automatically goes to the relevant ordering page. The user then continues to browse the menu to add additional items to their order.
Multi Configurable Process
Many businesses have unique process flows catering to their needs. All i3DiSPLAY plugins are futher configurable by the user in the Settings page, so that the Kiosk may be adapted to your specific requirements. You can even allow different actions to be intertwined to run concurrently if your business so requires.
Multi Channels
In some businesses, it may be desirable to have different types of signage running within the same location. For example, in restaurants, wall mounted displays may be used for advertising and promotion, whereas floor standing displays may be deployed as Kiosks for ordering or queue management.

i3DiSPLAY is able to manage multiple content configurations by defining separate Channels for each type of display. This can even be extended to multiple locations such as chain stores.


The days whereby one has to seek programmers to develop various Kiosk solutions are over.
Not only one you implement i3DiSPLAY Kiosk Plugins instantly, but you can do it without paying exorbitant prices for development and/or maintenance!
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Omni-Channel for Media Content and Retail Outlets. 
Synchronize all branches and shops across the world.
Control Multi Devices & Campaigns From One Location
i3Display helps support an omni-channel approach that provides the customer with an integrated customer experience. Through integrations within i3Display Cloud Services you can provide a consistent, streamlined and unified brand experience.
More Than Just Advertising
Our intelligent digital solutions integrate analytics, creative software with business applications to deliver engaging data-driven experiences and to achieve desired business goals. i3Display is stylish and has incredible functionality.

Beyond Slide Shows
i3Display goes beyond simple full HD pages displayed as a slide. Interactive design elements may be assigned to multiple areas on a page. You define what populates each spot on a page, and its interactive element. Full storyboard and exciting showcase can thus be created with ease!
Time to Market
i3Display Cloud-connected platform allows you to create media content regarding your company’s products and services in a digital format without any need of programming skills. With its interactive touch functions, potential customers are able to scroll through and navigate your digital catalogue with comfort.No more waiting!
One Platform to Manage ALL Your Display Signage and Kiosk.
Make Them Intelligent and Go Beyond Signage!
Secured Cloud Server • Control Multi-Devices From Any Location
All content is stored in our secured cloud servers and it’s available from any location with Internet connectivity.
Construct your content anywhere in the world with flexible scheduling and broadcasting timing function.
i3Display Content Management System
i3Display software platform is built on a secured Cloud server. i3Display CMS creates an eco-system to manage different types of display panel, synchronize them onto the same platform, whereby each of these displays can be managed and monitored remotely. It is the only software you ever need to build any story board or any content flow without the need to do programming.
No coding is required. It covers from content management right up to display monitoring and page analytics.
i3Display Cloud Service comes with host of services to make the task to manage display panel simple and easy.
  • No need to invest in hardware, as it is cloud services
  • No need Technical staff, as we provide 24x7 cloud maintenance & support
  • FREE use of any i3Display ready Plugins software, no more additional cost
  • Ready for integration with other platform

  • Continuous i3Display Software updates
  • No need to engage Programming or Outsource, as in house
  • Restoring & Backup in each CMS account as standard
  • Server Backup is done daily
In some businesses, it may be desirable to have different types of signage running within the same location. For example, in restaurants, wall mounted displays may be used for advertising and promotion, whereas floor standing displays may be deployed as Kiosks for ordering or queue management. i3Display is able to manage multiple content configurations by defining separate Channels for each type of display. This can even be extended to multiple locations such as chain stores.
Advantages of i3Display Digital Panels
High Volume
Reaching out to millions of viewers daily.
Interactive Touch Screen Display
Fast and incredibly smooth touch sensor,everything will feel more responsive.
Ultra High Frequency & Creativity
Great fun and excitement exposure in a day,far more powerful than most PC laptops.
Reduce Production Costs
No longer needs to incur production costfor materials printing.
Eye Level
The best angles to be seen, pixel-perfect precision.
Ton?s? of Capability
Sleek design, lightweight and portable.
Rental Services
  • We offer Rental Services for Promotional Event, Trade Fair, Exhibition and Wedding Dinner
  • Range of Display Panel to choose from
  • The price can be as low as RM200 per day
  • Optional Services are 
    • Delivery & Collection after events
    • i3Display Content Management Cloud Services
    • Content Uploads
    • Technical Support & Installation (Free)
    • Replacement Unit during Rental Period
Rental of Display Panel Benefits 
  • No Capital Expense & Amortisation
  • Replacement Unit when fault happening
  • Technical & Support on site
  • No need to have in house Technical Team for Content Management Servers
  • Can always have the latest display panel 

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To the Rescue
From small touchscreen displays, kiosks and to massive video walls,  i3Display broad hardware offering means the right solution for each project environment.
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No need for Servers or PC. Cloud Services included !
Beyond Advertorial Signage
Shopping malls (or other publicly visited locations like hotels, resorts, convention centers), are locations where digital displays have the largest potential viewing rates, due to the quantity of human traffic. Most of them display the latest promotions or advertisements, and many include common functions, such as:
  1. Touch-based menu
  2. Shop search by Brand or Type, etc.
  3. Directions to shops or facilities
  4. Search of facilities (e.g. Restroom, Taxi stands, ATMs, etc)
  5. Parking facility signage
Providing convenience in an easy-to-use platform is the most important design brief for these displays, and i3DiSPLAY’s cloud-based service does exactly that! i3DiSPLAY consolidates the most used functions and features (and even some lesser used ones) to provide a total one-stop solution for all your digital display needs. Choose one or more functions to run solo or concurrently, and do it without any programming skills whatsoever!

Case Studies

Avenue K

What are the Benefits?

Video Navigation
The mall navigation plugin is built as an innovative integration of video navigation. Just a click on any retailers’ promotional clip, shoppers will be directed to the store location accordingly for purchasing purposes. i3DiSPLAY video navigation is simple, easy and fast to help shoppers get their items in great convenience and time saving.
Routing Navigation
A mall navigation function for indoor positioning can help users have a better shopping experience with the support of routing or location-based directory.
Additional Revenue Stream
The potential of i3DiSPLAY plugins system, advertising revenue can be additionally generated with possible advertising spaces. As long as shop advertisers are willing to spend the revenue numbers increase as your user base grows.

Special Features of i3DiSPLAY with Shopping Malls Plugins

Signing-up to a single i3DiSPLAY account is all you need to get started! All the functional designs specifically for shopping malls is immediately available for use with no additional cost!
Deep Integration
It is possible to design your content such that, when a video or photo is displayed, touching on it will take the user directly to the related shop’s information page, and if necessary, provide directions to the shop. This is achieved via a feature unique to i3DiSPLAY whereby routing is deeply integrated into the signage software.
Brand, Facilities, and Shop Management
i3DiSPLAY is essentially a “Content Management Platform” which allows users to input whatever information they wish, such as shop descriptions, their locations on a map (with or without routing), photos, videos, and a large range of additional formats. This allows a user to perform Search via various criteria directly from the display panel.
Story Board
Within the same i3DiSPLAY account, what to display on each device can be custom designed and managed by using the Story Board function. Each item of content can also be time or date sensitive, programmed to appear only at specific times (lunch & dinner menus) or on specific dates (start/end of a promotion).
The Channel feature in i3DiSPLAY is a highly flexible feature whereby one can house different content story boards for different type of displays. For example, it is possible to set up different channels for different types of display hardware (standing, wall-mount, landscape, portrait, etc.).
Wayfinder Plugin Ready
At times, when the shops relocate or change, the relevant within them system is easily changed accordingly via i3DiSPLAY. This can be done by the customer themselves, and there is no need for any external assistance. In  a few easy steps, you can not only update the shop’s details, but also re-configure the routing information as needed. NO programming necessary. Just do it yourself!

Why use i3DiSPLAY Cloud Services?

i3DiSPLAY is subscription-based and charged annually. The price includes full support and services for a year, with the following benefits:
One Content Management Account for all types of displays
No need to invest in computer hardware and/or servers
Full control of each display according to date and/or time
Analytical Report on user behavior (based on clicks)
Monitoring & Mobile Commander to manage devices using a Smart Phone
Proximity Sensor to react to shopper approach (optional sensor hardware required)
Hundreds of i3DiSPLAY ready-made plugins to be used free of charges
Full Online Training & Support
A simple yet highly functional cloud-based service for any shopping mall or publicly visited facility that can be used in minutes! Don’t delay. Please call now for a free demo! 
Interested to find out more? Please contact us at


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Ever had a brilliant idea about what content to put on your digital displays, and thought to yourself “If only I could change it now”? You're not alone.
Now, thanks to the i3Display Remote Controller, if you use an Android phone or tablet, just install the app on your smartphone or tablet and you will be able to control your digital display panel remotely from anywhere, at anytime! No more need for a bulky computer to login with!
Even though i3Display Remote Controller is a compact version of i3Display Content Management System, it still has the power and flexibility to satisfy your needs. With full administrative rights to manage content, you can perform housekeeping tasks for all your displays whenever you desire.
Display Panel Monitoring
It is crucial to know your digital display panel’s health status, especially if it runs for 24 hours per day. Via the i3Display Remote Controller, you are able to monitor the digital display status, along with other useful information, such as RAM usage, CPU temperature, i3Display software version, and latest content update status.
If necessary, you will also be able to restart your i3Display Player (the application running on the display panel), hard reboot your digital display, or control the device power source by remotely switching the power on and off.
i3Display Remote Controller also allows you to remotely screenshot the current digital display screen immediately on request. The screenshot feature can also be scheduled at regular intervals so that you are able to continuously monitor the performance of the digital display panels with your settings. 
Device RAM Settings enables you to manage the memory usage and to trigger actions accordingly, like restarting the app, or rebooting the devices, should your preset parameters be met.
Managing Content
Tasks such as changing individual pages of the display panel on your smartphone can now be done on the fly. Manage your content through the i3Display Remote Controller and publish them to your i3Display Player, as per the usual procedure.
Furthermore, you can also change the storyboard of your display panel. Its as easy as switching channel on your TV.
Mobile Devices and Digital Display Panels Working Together
Businesses have been trying to bridge the gap in the digital display world. The most logical way to achieve this is using smartphones. This is why you need i3Display Remote Controller to remotely control ALL your digital display panels around the world.

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