Posted by i3DiSPLAY on 26 Feb 2021


Make a direct impact on public spaces by creating impactful and engaging content that grabs the audience's attention at first glance. Optimize your creativity by delivering enhanced real-time visuals and beyond with single-screen digital signage. With the solution scalability, i3Display allows you to create video walls tailored to your needs.

Complete video wall system that rises above basic solutions!

i3DiSPLAY Cloud Service Content Management provide a ready platform where you can construct digital media content for any storyboard, upload videos, graphics and text, all in a matter of few minutes. You can also schedule the time-based content to display at the relevant times. No coding is required. It covers from content management right up to display monitoring and page analytics.

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  • Fully customizable and editable touch screen ticket dispenser and the Queue Display panel.
  • Digital voice on calling number and repeated calls.
  • Service Counter :
    1. Virtual terminal with counter login and logout.
    2. Repeated calls and Store & Recall of missed numbers.
    3. Transfer queue to another service counter.
  • Unlimited number of display panel with dedicated space for advertisement content.
  • Smart Notification via SMS
  • Waiting queue listing via Mobile Web App
  • Customer feedback solution
  • Queue reports and performance Analysis
  • Real-time Queue Monitoring

How Does this Works?

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Posted by Allyssa on 27 Dec 2020

Choosing the right software platform is crucial to a successful kiosk or digital signage deployment. The software platform determines everything from security to monitoring to integration ? and ultimately, to user experience.

Why i3Display Cloud Services?

1. Cloud Content Management

i3Display software platform is built on a secured Cloud server. i3Display CMS creates an eco-system to manage different types of display panel, synchronize them onto the same platform, whereby each of these displays can be managed and monitored remotely. It is the only software you ever need to build any story board or any content flow without the need to do programming.

No coding is required. It covers from content management right up to display monitoring and page analytics.

2. Saves you money!

No need to invest in hardware, as it is cloud services. FREE use of any i3Display ready Plugins software, no more additional cost. The biggest advantage is you?re not going to hire a tech support team to fix the server issues, as we provide 24/7 cloud maintenance & support! As a result, you will be saving a lot of money.

3. Work from anywhere

With i3Display cloud services, as long as employees have internet access. They can access the data and applications anywhere in this world from their devices.

4. Increased collaboration

i3Display Cloud-connected platform allows your employees to sync up and work on documents and share real-time information via shared storage within the organizations and create media content regarding your company's products and services in a digital format without any need of programming skills. With its interactive touch functions, potential customers are able to scroll through and navigate your digital catalogue with comfort. This can help your business reduce the time to get the product into the market.

5. Security

When everything is stored in the cloud, data can be accessed no matter what happen to a machine. Our cloud service offers extensive disaster recovery features, thus helping you recover all your data quickly during emergency situations.

6. Automatic Software updates

As a business owner, if you've got a lot to do in your bucket, there're very few things that can irritate you like getting software updates done manually. With i3Display cloud services, hardware, security updates, general maintenance and software enhancement are all restored & backup in each CMS account daily! This is where cloud computing can be immensely helpful with its auto-updates feature.

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Posted by Allyssa on 16 Dec 2020

Consumers attitudes, behaviours and purchasing habits are changing—and many of these new ways will remain post-pandemic. The answer to survive this change for business owners? Contactless retail.

COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed the way independent restaurants think about self-ordering kiosk. What was once seen as costly and impersonal technology, is now considered a cost-effective way to reduce face-to-face contact and keep guests safe from the spread of the coronavirus.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the technology to become even more popular, mainly due to its many benefits that will help many retail businesses throughout this tough time.

  • Improve in-store efficiency
  • Increase check sizes
  • Decrease wait times
  • Enhance order accuracy
  • Save money on labor
  • Keep staff and customers safe

See how does a seamless contactless checkout process works:

Step 1: i3Display Body Temperature Measurement System

  • Real time fever detection and alert
  • 99% temperature measurement accuracy
  • Dynamic temperature display
  • Contactless ultra distance detection
  • Built-in system with i3Display Kiosk Solutions

Step 2: MySejahtera Check-In Feature

  • Convenient: QR code generated on the screen of the built-in kiosk to ensure customer’s check-in
  • Contact tracing: Collect visitor's temperature data and contact details.

Step 3: i3Display Kiosk Solutions

  • Promote social distancing: allow customers to place their order & pay – all without interacting with your staff
  • Customization & Flexibility: display menu can be change from time to time
  • Save cost: Reduce the number of front-of-house employees responsible for taking orders
  • Accurate: Reliable order accuracy by customers and staff

Different type of kiosk configurations for different businesses. Design one that suits your needs, and incorporates your shop’s theme, or your corporate identity. There are also standard models which you can order immediately. Custom designs are also available, from a simple reskin to a customized enclosure built to your specifications

Step 4: Queue Management System (QMS) 

  • Improve customers satisfaction: Reduce negative perceptions of wait times & queue length
  • Environmental-friendly: Paperless Queue System
  • Flexible solution capable of addressing any business requirement and all types of customer service (retail, healthcare, government, and others)

Why choose us?

We are your businesses one-stop solution provider to streamline your contactless checkout! To learn more about how you can set up contactless checkout for your business in just a few hours, get in touch with us today – we’d love to chat!

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