Posted by i3DiSPLAY on 16 Aug 2019
Retail Industry is Getting Tough?

It is no surprise that traditional retail businesses around the world are feeling the pinch from the new paradigm of online shopping. The problems they face range from technology to logistics, as well as human resources. With faster paced product cycles, transferring knowledge to the shop floor is also more difficult than in the past.

Retail businesses who wish to remain successful will have to adopt and embrace “Retail 2.0”, which is essentially the merging of online shopping with bricks and mortar stores. The ultimate objective will be to improve the customer shopping experience (and therefore sales), whilst cutting down on running costs.

Customers do not mind paying a little bit extra for good service, but it means equipping the front line staff with the proper tools and knowledge to do this. This article will outline various technologies that are readily available for retailers to achieve their aim.

Product Info Kiosk or Price Check Kiosk

In harmony with i3DiSPLAY Signage Solutions, any product with a Barcode, NFC, or QR Code, can be linked to its relevant product information page on the display, creating a product information kiosk.

The customer will easily be able to see more information about the product, without the need for a shop assistant.

In a fast-paced and highly competitive world, customers will want to know more about a product before purchasing. With such a kiosk, customers can scan a product and receive as much information as the retailer wishes, such as price, stock availability, technical advantages, etc. It is even possible to embed video introductions or advertisements into the display.

Such information will also be consistent, in that there is no room for human error. Wouldn’t that be better than having sales assistants?

Active Product Showcase
When a customer walks into a store, key products (such as best sellers, flagship models, etc.) may be displayed on a rack, and when customers pick it up to take a closer look, the associated display is activated, and can be programmed to play information slides or videos to explain the product’s details.
Brochure / Information Download & Data Capture

It is very common to see potential customers walk into a showroom, roam around, and walk out. How does a retailer benefit from this? The nice and grand showroom has done its job of attracting the potential customer into the store, but when the customer walks back out, so does any potential sale. This is especially true for automotive showrooms.

However... If an interactive display panel is situated near the products, customers are able to browse product information, and easily download more. By simply scanning a QR Code, the customer can then input his/her details, and receive the requested information. The additional benefit is that you are able to collect customer data, which may later be used for marketing purposes or statistical analysis.

Self-Checkout Kiosk

One of the latest developments in our i3DiSPLAY Signage Solutions is the self-checkout ability. Customers can scan their products at a kiosk, which will automatically accumulate the price of all the items scanned, and receive payment. Such payment can be made by credit cards, but other payment methods can also be seamlessly integrated.

This will also allow fast track customer checkouts without any need for investment in POS devices, resulting in lower costs and higher revenue, and also improving the customer’s shopping experience.

Proximity awareness can also be incorporated into the kiosks, which will allow the display(s) to react accordingly to shoppers passing by, presenting the correct content effectively targeted at them.

Customer Data Capture

Sales figures aside, retail shops are nevertheless an effective front to have close interaction with potential customers. In order to maximize the efficiency of a store, even if a sale isn’t completed, one should utilize whatever marketing methods are available to carry out customer data collection, leaving the door open to a potential sale in future.

Be it a camera booth, giving out door gifts or souvenirs by playing a simple game, both of which enable customer contact details to be collected. All of these are easily done with i3DiSPLAY Signage Solutions.

In one of our most successful campaigns, a well known supermarket chain was able to collect over 600,000 mobile numbers over 35 stores nationwide within a month.


F&B System

i3DiSPLAY Signage Solutions also have a wide range of additional plug-ins that are specially designed for the Food & Beverage industry. Numerous devices may be enabled at different points of order flow, from tables to ordering counters or even self-ordering kiosks.

Multiple user configurable processes from front end to kitchen are also available. Some examples of processes that our features are able to enhance include:

  • Take Away or Eat In
  • Table Management
  • Queue System
  • Kitchen Display
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Menu
  • Credit Card or any other type of payment supported (Including cash transaction)
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