Posted by i3DiSPLAY on 2 Dec 2020
Let your visitors feel welcome in your premises.

Create an impact through self-service digital access system and make your visitor impressive. It makes them feel safe and important. It also helps your company to go green and reduce paper use.

  • Collect visitor's temperature data and contact details.
  • Play ads, instructional videos, or any interactive content.
  • Highlight promotions! Showcase products!
  • Accurate and contactless temperature measuring.
  • Fever detection warning with audio alarm.
  • Affordable rental rates!
Why Use i3Display Cloud Services?

Our devices are powered by i3Display Cloud Services! Get the complete suite of services for one annual fee!

  • One Content Management Account for all types of displays
  • No need to invest in computer hardware and/or servers
  • Full control of each display according to date and/or time
  • Generate Analytical Reports on user behaviour (click-based)
  • Manage and monitor devices on your phone with the Mobile Commander app
  • Proximity Sensor to react to shopper approach (optional sensor hardware required)
  • Hundreds of ready-made plugins available and free to subscribers
  • Full Online Training & Support
It's about time you replace the old fashioned advertisement with i3Display a highly configurable self-serviced cloud-based solution.

Contact us NOW at +603-7886 2423 or email sales@m3tech.com.my to get more information.