Posted by i3DiSPLAY on 8 Dec 2019
Ever had a brilliant idea about what content to put on your digital displays, and thought to yourself “If only I could change it now”? You're not alone.
Now, thanks to the i3Display Remote Controller, if you use an Android phone or tablet, just install the app on your smartphone or tablet and you will be able to control your digital display panel remotely from anywhere, at anytime! No more need for a bulky computer to login with!
Even though i3Display Remote Controller is a compact version of i3Display Content Management System, it still has the power and flexibility to satisfy your needs. With full administrative rights to manage content, you can perform housekeeping tasks for all your displays whenever you desire.
Display Panel Monitoring
It is crucial to know your digital display panel’s health status, especially if it runs for 24 hours per day. Via the i3Display Remote Controller, you are able to monitor the digital display status, along with other useful information, such as RAM usage, CPU temperature, i3Display software version, and latest content update status.
If necessary, you will also be able to restart your i3Display Player (the application running on the display panel), hard reboot your digital display, or control the device power source by remotely switching the power on and off.
i3Display Remote Controller also allows you to remotely screenshot the current digital display screen immediately on request. The screenshot feature can also be scheduled at regular intervals so that you are able to continuously monitor the performance of the digital display panels with your settings. 
Device RAM Settings enables you to manage the memory usage and to trigger actions accordingly, like restarting the app, or rebooting the devices, should your preset parameters be met.
Managing Content
Tasks such as changing individual pages of the display panel on your smartphone can now be done on the fly. Manage your content through the i3Display Remote Controller and publish them to your i3Display Player, as per the usual procedure.
Furthermore, you can also change the storyboard of your display panel. Its as easy as switching channel on your TV.
Mobile Devices and Digital Display Panels Working Together
Businesses have been trying to bridge the gap in the digital display world. The most logical way to achieve this is using smartphones. This is why you need i3Display Remote Controller to remotely control ALL your digital display panels around the world.

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