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Take it to the age of 21st Century Smart Devices!
Make your event more successful with efficient data collection.

Organizing an event is a daunting task. It begins with planning, sending invitations, receiving RSVPs, and extends to numerous other tasks that have to be completed before the big day(s). These tasks also need to be completed in a timely manner, or you risk a knock-on effect that could hinder the entire event. 

Different businesses will have different goals and objectives, but all share the common core desire for branding exposure, as well as to influence and educate prospective customers. As such, data collection is the first step, and a measurable one. How would you go about collecting this important data? Let us show you the range of tools with which may be used to automate and organize this process using our i3DiSPLAY Cloud Service Platform.

Fret Not. i3DiSPLAY has the Tools to Help!
Firstly, with i3DiSPLAY’s Cloud Service, you can send out emails to potential customers notifying them of the upcoming event. Within this email, you can request RSVPs too. These email pages can be displayed in a graphical format, complete with hyperlinks, and automatically sent out to your customer database.
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SMS Invitation
The same can be done via SMS, with a link to a web-based full invitation page. This service allows you to do an SMS broadcast with pertinent information, such as a link to the Event’s location.

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Simple Invitation or RSVP
Also, optionally, you can also provide a page where recipient can register themselves (RSVP).

See below example:
On the Event Date.. Paperless Registration..
On the day of the Event, there is no more need to have a table for manual registration. Simply having a display at the entrance, similar to the one shown below, and guests will be able to scan the QR code and do the registration on their own phones.
Name Card Scanning
Enable to run i3DiSPLAY Name Card Scanner. Just slot in the guest name cards, scan, and the scanned image will be stored in the i3DiSPLAY Cloud Service Storage.
Trade Show, Exhibition Showcase Digital Display Panel
With i3DiSPLAY Cloud Service, as brand owner, you are able to make full use of the Digital Display Panel from 42” to 55” to showcase your product or the main theme of the event. With touch sensitive page, staff can use the Panel to scroll throw pages of relevant information as he/she showcase to the guest.
Do Content for Digital Display in Few Hours
i3DiSPLAY Cloud Service Content Management provide a ready platform where user can construct the showcase story-board, upload the graphic and text, all in a matter of few hours.
No More Hard Memory of Facts.. Just Scroll and Scroll.. Just WOW Effect!
With Touch sensitive screen, information presented can be more precisely constructed to make understanding easy for guest. The impact will be tremendous and create the WOW effect.
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Go Green..
Use eBrochures & Get Customer Data
With host of plugins for data capture. There is no more needs to print brochure. Just Scan the QR code on the display panel, one can leave their email address and instantly receive a copy of the eBrochure on their smartphone. At the same time, as exhibitor, potential customer data is capture for later mailing use.
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Name Card Scanner Plugins
Especially, during Trade Fairs, there are many visitor come in and out of each booth, and with each visitor leaving their name card to different staff attending, it become an issue when exhibitor try to consolidate.
Having the i3DiSPLAY Name Card Scanner, one can get the name card of the visitors and scan each name cards and upload them to their CMS account in i3DiSPLAY Cloud Service.
More Excitement..
Door Gifts & Promotional Games
With ready games available on i3DiSPLAY Cloud Service, your event can get guest to be more involved and link that to the door gifts. There are 6 ready Games Plugins available.
· Spin & Win
· TicTacToe
· Slot Machine
· Memory Games
· Flip Games
· Catch the Presents
· Selfie Camera
Selfie Camera
Customers can follow the current trend by taking selfies and sharing it to social media to a great extent.
Brand Engagement
Go along with event trends by taking advantage of selfie sessions with the camera-equipped application on i3DiSPLAY device panel. Event organizers can brilliantly create awareness of their events and brands with great selfies/pictures taken by customers/guests.
Customize Photo Frame
for Brand Awareness
Expand your business brand’s online visibility by applying text or logo watermarks onto the customized photo frames of the selfies. Let customers/guests choose photo frames from a wide range of selection that excites them.
Social Media Friendly
Customers/guests are able to share their real time selfie postings to any social network via i3DiSPLAY from any location as well.
i3DiSPLAY Cloud Services
i3DiSPLAY Cloud Services is based on yearly subscription. With the services, all your content is stored and can be improved or edited anytime. In addition to this, you can run the services on any Android smartphone.

This can be your walking brochure for your salesforces.
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