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New Dining Experience with i3SOS
Posted by i3Display Admin on 6 Feb 2018

What is i3SOS?

M3 Technologies (Asia) Berhad (M3 Tech) provides a new dining experience for both restaurateurs and consumers. i3 Self Ordering System (i3SOS) is an easy-to-use system that operates on a cloud-based Android OS platform, making it compatible with most mobile devices. i3SOS features customized e-menu, table management, print setting and more; all this for FREE.

How i3SOS works?

In Restaurateurs Perspective

The system requires a one-time key in of menu details by restaurateurs, which can then be placed as QR codes on tables or around the restaurant.

In Customer Perspective

With a tablet or smartphone, consumers can then scan the QR code at the restaurant, and the restaurant’s menu will appear in their devices. Orders can then be placed from the consumer’s device and routed to the service staff or kitchen directly.