Keycode Management System
Keycodes Management System
Posted by i3Display Team on 6 Feb 2018

Once you've purchased the i3Display Cloud Services, you will receive keycodes to activate all features you have ordered for the system.

Keycodes Management System (KMS) is a website for customer and reseller to manage their keycodes.

A Keycode Explained

  • i3Display are shipped come fully capable of supporting the features a customer may have ordered for the system.  
  • On each devices, the key code is required to use all features available according to the keycode subscription. 
  • The Keycodes is a legal right to use the i3Display Cloud software and services. It is covered by the end user license agreement which conveys to the customer the right to use the software consistent with what they purchased.  
  • The keycode can be in perpetuity or for a limited time and limited to a specific features
  • The keycode are always "locked" to only a single device at any one time.

Keycode Subscription Duration 

  • Keycode activation to the devices has the effect of "starting the clock” for the subscription duration.
  • That is, the start date of the subscription is the date that the key code been activated to the i3Display devices. The end date is specific to the purchased key code term (i.e one month, one years, etc.) later.

Renewing Subscriptions

  • Renewals apply to subscription keycode, which are time-bound.
  • Customer need to renew the subscriptions on time to avoid the service termination.

Finding Past Keycodes

  • Customer can login to Key Code Management System (KMS) to manage the keycodes.
  • They can find all key codes they have purchased with other details regarding the keycodes.

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