i3Display Devices
i3Display - Digital Interactive Display
Posted by i3Display Team on 5 Feb 2018

i3D Platform (i3Display Cloud Content Management & Broadcast Platform) is developed to provide an end-to-end solution to manage multiple display devices in multiple geographical locations. This device includes interactive touch-based terminals and its variants, display-only terminals, as well as combination of the two.

i3Display’s digital content creation and modification is supported by i3D CMS (i3Display Content Management System).

WiFi and 3G connectivity enables the terminals to be deployed with minimum fuss as it can be synchronized at anytime from anywhere and function independently offline. i3Display operates on Android eco-system where contents can be also ported onto tablet computers and phone for maximum mobility.

i3D Platform  is a simple platform with rich features specially catered to businesses that require frequent content changes. You just have to build your story board and upload the relevant content, graphics or videos.

Cloud Content Synchronization

All content is stored in our Cloud Servers that can be immediately synchronized and downloaded on the display terminal.

Android Ecosystem

Each Display Device runs native Android OS.

Internet Offline Ready

Without Internet connection, the content will be able to run as normal with no downtime.

Secure Access Control

i3D Platform is built with Security Access Control to ensure all content displayed has been verified before deployment. This feature eliminates any risk of unacceptable occurrence happening.

Full HD Support for Graphic & Video

The system supports BMP, JPG, MP4, MP3, PDF and GIF content on every page of the Story Board.

Supports Multi Type of Display Devices

i3Display comes in many display terminal sizes with varying resolutions, vertical or horizontal. i3D Platform has the ability to ensure the page size and resolution control selection across a group of devices.