Video Tutorial
Content Management System
Posted by i3D Admin on 25 Feb 2019

Watch the video tutorials below to learn how to use your i3Display.

Login to i3Display CMS
Login to i3D CMS to build your story board, upload contents, manage advertisement, monitor your device and many more.

Create Channel
Channel is where you can set the storyboard or project settings for your i3Display panels.

Create The Main Page
Start off by creating the page you'd like to use as your display main page.

Add Content to Your Page
Add content to a slot at your page by publishing animation, image, video, URL, RSS live feed or PDF.

Create A New Page
Create more pages to tell stories and make them more interesting.

On Touch Action - Open A Page
i3D allow you to build any form of storyboard for touch based content hosting. Be creative to make interesting storyboard.

On Touch Action - Open Plugin
You can also link your page to a plugin to make it more interesting. Mini games, data collection, mall directory, i3D SOS and many more.

Download and Restore Channel
It is easy to backup or duplicate your channel using this feature.