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Media File
Posted by i3Display Team on 13 Feb 2018


Image format: png, jpg, jpeg, gif
Image size limits: There are no size limits in regards to uploading images.


Format: gif


Videos format: mp4
Video frame rate: 30fps (Bitrate ~ 2000 kbps)
Video Codec: H.264/AVC
Audio Codec: AAC
Preferred Video Encoder Profile: Baseline/L3
Video limits: 500 MB or less, and 10 minutes or less.

** Your file type must have the correct file extension and the internal file type must be one of the supported file types or your upload will fail. If you have a media file with an extension that is not on the supported list, use a graphic/image or video editor and try to convert it into a supported file type, then save it as the new file type, with the appropriate extension.


Integrated Contents

i3Display also capable of displaying PDF, RSS or HTML5 along with an array of integrated widgets like Youtube, Vimeo, Live Traffic, Weather, Google Docs etc.