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Template and Slot
Posted by i3Display Team on 18 Feb 2019

i3Display template is a ready made design template that can be used to display your content.

It's intimidating to start designing from scratch. That's why you use the ready made templates to bridge the gap. You just need to fill your content page using a pre-built templates with your images and videos.

But if you have your own template idea, you can customize your own template. You can use the template and slot elements to create a flexible template that can then be used to display your content.

What is SLOT?

All page templates will have own slot which is predefined upon creating the template.

Each slot will have object which is text, image, video, web URL, RSS, content group, animation file or PDF. It can be a static content, or act as gallery where user can swap through all content. Each slot will also have on touch action, which linking the slot to next display or action i.e, open a new page, open a plugin, load a sub-page, switch content or link to deep integration.


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